Aruba LIC-RFP Controller RFProtect Per AP License E-LTU

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Aruba LIC-RFP Controller RFProtect Per AP License E-LTU

Aruba LIC-RFP Controller RFProtect Per AP License E-LTU

Work environments are transforming to digital workplaces, with billions of mobile workers using their mobile devices for business critical services. Mobility, IoT and business critical applications are enabling these workers to be more productive and efficient, but at the same time driving up the demands on the network.

To enable an always-on network with the desired performance and user experience, enterprises must deliver an intelligent WLAN with advanced technologies to be more predictive, enable always-on connectivity, and improve network efficiency.

Aruba Mobility Master

The Aruba Mobility Master is the next generation of master controller that can be either deployed as a virtual machine (VM) or installed on an x86-based hardware appliance. The Mobility Master provides better user experience, flexible deployment, simplified operations and enhanced performance. Existing Aruba customers can migrate their master controller configuration and licenses over to the Mobility Master and start taking advantage of these unique capabilities.

Flexible Deployment

Customers have the flexibility of deploying a VM or an x86-based hardware appliance depending on their environment and needs. Customers who already have a VM environment can benefit from ease of operation and right-size their VM by adjusting their CPU or memory. Moving to a VM-based deployment that has more memory and compute allows you to manage more services on the network. The Virtual Mobility Master can run on open source KVM or VMware ESXi hypervisor.

Simplified Operations

Centralized configuration and visibility

The Mobility Master consolidates all-master, single mastermultiple local, and multiple master-local deployments into a single deployment model. ArubaOS 8 uses a centralized, multi-tier architecture under a new UI that provides a clear separation between management, control, and forwarding functions. The entire configuration for both the Mobility Master and managed devices is set up from a centralized dashboard, thereby simplifying and streamlining the configuration process.

Simplified upgrades with "Live Upgrade"?*

Upgrading to a new operating system includes downtime for the entire network. However, when we run mission critical data on the network, finding a maintenance window becomes harder. With "Live Upgrades,"? your entire network can be upgraded to the latest operating system in real-time - with zero downtime and no users being affected.

Mobility Master also introduces the ability to dynamically update individual service modules (AppRF, AirGroup, ARM, AirMatch, NBAPI, UCM, WebCC) that reside on the Mobility Master, without requiring an entire system reboot.

Muli-tenant wireless network with MultiZone

The new MultiZone feature in ArubaOS 8 allows IT organizations to have multiple and separate secure networks while using the same Access Point ( AP). Historically if you wanted to have 2 secure networks in one physical location you had to have 2 separate APs which would create RF interference and be costly. With MultiZone enabled, one AP can terminate 2 different SSIDS on 2 different controllers. The data is encrypted from the client to the controller. When the data is flowing through the AP it is still encrypted. This means the networks are completely separate and secure even though the traffic runs through the same AP. This feature is very useful for federal, airport, retail or office buildings as it allows for easy policy implementation in environments where data privacy, separation and network security are critical.

In Figure 2 we show how MultiZone can be deployed in environments with multiple networks running from the same access point. In an airport for instance, there can be separate networks for the airlines, public and airport security that run off the same access point. The airport security Wi-Fi runs their network through their controller, while the airport public Wi-Fi runs through a public Wi-Fi controller - and all are using the same access point. In government use cases, you can run both classified and non-classified networks from one access point, with complete separation of data passing through their own respective controllers.


Aruba LIC-RFP Controller RFProtect Per AP License E-LTU

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